Some articles/points-of-view that I find particularly compelling:

"Whatever I did, I'm sorry, I think" - Mark Morford's crazy take on political correctness

John Kerry, the Manchurian Candidate - Times column on Kerry's ongoing sabotage of the Democratic Party.

"Struggling to Survive" - Article by Jonathon Rauch about rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina

"An Open Letter to the People of Italy" - Letter from the parents of Daniel Pearl calling for Islamic religious leaders to end their silence on the wonton killing of innocent civilians in the Middle East.

"The Inevitable Decline of a Reserve Currency" - Paul Craig Roberts insightful explanation as to why the U.S. dollar will only continue to get weaker. Critical reading for all Americans.

"Canada's Secret Wish" - Michael Kinsley shares his insight into the Canadian psyche


Note of disclaimer. None of the people above have contacted me about suing me. I'm sure they can sue me if they want (I'm not sure for what) but I would prefer that they didn't - so thanks to all of them for not. Author(s) referenced in the links above in no way have anything to do with this site nor the views expressed herein.